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In-Person Events In the Age of COVID

Link to Survey Results (4/17-4/20) and Meeting Notes (4/21)


Please take this survey to assess your sentiment (and see others) about In-Person BDSM events:


  • The Oregon Risk Assessment Levels are HERE
  • The COVID vaccine is widely regarded as safe and effective in inhibiting transmission by every credible scientific source I have come across.  See summary of studies HERE
  • There is a narrow contraindication for the vaccine: allergy to specific ingredients. See CDC guidance HERE regarding contra indications.
  • Due to racism in medicine and gov’t programs like the mass vaccination effort, there is skepticism in some communities.  This CNN interview articulates the concern. 
  • Legality of Vaccine Requirements for admission to events. See HERE
  • Epidemiological trends and outlook for Oregon (updated weekly) HERE
  • Recommendations for restaurants, bars, and ‘entertainment establishments’:
  • •Allows you to calculate your COVID risk by certain activities:

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